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Why should you choose Mvix for your Digital Signage Software?

The software is content-rich - it includes over 150 content apps & data integrations like Salesforce, MySQL, Google Analytics, Rest API 

Mvix delivers on price and performance for the digital signage needs of small teams, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises

The solution supports non-touch and interactive (touch screen) applications for digital signage, video walls, and kiosks

Digital Signage in Education

No Subscriptions or Contracts

Unlimited Users

Multi-user platform with role-based permissions. No licensing fees for users.

Unlimited Screens

Accounts can have unlimited signage screens, which can be grouped by location, content playing, etc.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited cloud storage to upload and display as much content as needed.


How does it work?

Building a Digital Signage System involves a simple 4-step process. You'll need a commercial-grade screen, a digital signage player, and digital signage software. 

Connect the Player

Connect the digital signage player to the internet (wired or wi-fi) and to the display screen via HDMI

Create Content

Log in to the software (on a web browser) to upload and/or create content, playlists, and playback schedules 

Display Content

The digital signage player will download the programmed content and start playing as per schedule

Update & Re-schedule

Remotely, create new playback schedules, edit content, playlists or even set user permissions for your account





Digital Signage Software that Grows (With) your Business

Remotely manage, display, and update content on digital signs, video walls, and kiosks. Easy set up to support your business in 2019.

Dynamic Content Apps

Salesforce, emergency alerts, MySQL, weather, social media, Google Analytics, traffic, Rest API, metrics dashboards, etc.

Smart Playlists

Create and update playlists automatically (based on tags & hierarchy) to build stronger content playback.

Get live screen audits of the content currently playing. Also,  preview content playback before publishing it to your digital signs.

Remote Screen View

Schedule content for individual screens or groups of screens over days, weeks, months in advance.

Advanced Scheduling

Includes over 150 data sources and integrations

Starting a new Digital Signage Project?

We'll help you figure out your software needs and budgets

Content-rich, Web-based Platform

Digital Signage Apps & Widgets

The software is loaded with over 150 content apps & data sources/integrations to create, display and update a large variety of rich content.

The content is always downloaded to the signage players so the screens are never blank (black) even when there is no internet.

  • Salesforce
  • MySQL
  • HubSpot
  • Live traffic
  • Dynamic weather
  • Google Docs
  • News
  • Points of Interest
  • Sports
  • Stock quotes
  • Clock/Calendar
  • Prezi
  • Quickbooks
  • Emergency/CAP alerts
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sheets | Excel
  • Event listings
  • Flight stats
  • Movie box office
  • Courtroom dockets
  • Metrics dashboards
  • Queues/Waitlists
  • YouTube
  • QR code
  • Stock photos
  • NetSuite
  • Rest API
  • ...and more!

What our clients are saying

The digital signage software is exactly what we needed. This project was an important milestone for our marketing team - with less effort, they're able to improve the guest experience to get repeat business, positive reviews, and an enhanced brand image.

Ron Sprouse | Kings Dominion

The software gave us a lot of flexibility to manage screens in multiple locations. The solution has really lightened the workload for everyone involved, while providing consistent messaging at all locations, both in Michigan and Florida.

Bryon Glock | Western Michigan University


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