Digital Directory as a Service (DDaaS)

Simple and Affordable: $59 / month

All Inclusive: Commercial-grade Display Screen, Digital Signage Player, Software, Custom Design, and Ongoing Management



List tenants using their corporate logos for brand reinforcement.

Post important announcements to tenants and sell ad space.



Display floor plans to illustrate the layout of the building.

Post leasing information and  photos to attract new tenants.

Fully-Managed DDaaS

The full-service solution for digital directory boards includes hardware, software, content, and implementation.

Show tenant listings, weather, news, ads, and more!

Building Directory Software
Fresh Custom Design
Display Weather & News
Multi-user Platform
News and Scrolling Tickers
Easy to update
Content-rich apps
Optional: Interactive Screens
Building Directory Software

These Digital Directory Boards transform a drab list of names and suites into a colorful, dynamic and sophisticated graphic presentation on large display screens

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Eliminate the Upfront Capital Required for Digital Building Directories

How Digital Directory as a Service Works

For a low monthly fee of $59 a month, get a digital directory in place. 

We manage / update your onscreen content, while you manage your property.

Install System & Screen

We Implement

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy

Install on your own or ask for one our installation partners for assistance with setup and installation.

Our design studio creates your digital building directory design and implements it on your screen.

We manage ongoing changes, updates and implement new features, while you take care of your facility.

"The digital signage directories not only add visual appeal and modernize our locations, but they also improve our guests' experience by providing directional and navigational assistance."

Lordae Property Management  - Jim Murtha -

Real ROI of Digital Building Directory

At the core of excellent customer experience is proper communication, and this is where digital building directory excel. Regular and relevant communication with building tenants creates well-informed customers.

Personalize experiences by adding welcome messages for clients or guests.

Help create a modern ambiance that's fresh and exciting.

Update tenant lists in real-time from any internet-enabled device.

Advertise local businesses and their services and products.

Tailor your messaging to day, evening, and weekend visitors.

Digital Building Directory Examples

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